Will Conservatives Be Allowed To Own A Telephone After 2020?

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Happy 55th anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Civil Rights Act. Lets take a quick tally as to where we are now…

On this day, it is worth noting that there’s a new book out by a Canadian author, James Hoggan, that pretty much sums up the sorry state of North American — and European, for that matter — discourse these days:

Its title: I’m Right and You’re An Idiot.

In it he makes the very good point that propaganda is dangerous for many reasons, not least of which is because it tribalizes people.

To drill down on that point, once a thought pattern becomes initiated into a tribal orientation, to divert from the approved talking points means nothing less than disowning yourself from the pack. This tribalization of propaganda is stomach-churningly in evidence every news cycle on the liberal media fronts where, choose a topic, and each of them is spouting the same key word for the night. Phrases such as ‘manufactured crisis’ for the US Southern Border or ‘racist’ for anyone who disagrees with their Soros bought and paid for opinions echos throughout the punditsphere for days on every liberal media channel.

(By the way, a tiny tangent to pull in here — in the world of gastronomy and wine, subjects upon which I often write, we have the equivalent of a George Soros (the man who funds many of these Leftist talking point memos that circulate throughout all the liberal media inboxes). His name is Ducasse. If you, as a food and wine writer, dare to voice an independent opinion about anything in this realm, or cover a chef/restaurant/winemaker that is not part of this zealous businessman’s harnessed constellation of serfs, you will be punished, isolated and retaliated against via snarkism and reputation/business bashing. This kind of set-up begs the question, How do they cast such influence over people? Easy: they pay them. These serfs and acolytes are paid in kind, in favors, in money, in referrals. And in turn, they tithe to their king. Maintaining an independent voice fueled by independent thought and opinions in any realm these days has become something of a high-flying, trapeze wire, daredevil act. But I digress…)


Isn’t this at the root of the Leftists’ favorite war cry these days — so-called ‘Identity Politics’?

Yes, it is.

I recently had dinner with a self-proclaimed conservative veteran from Arizona. He was nice enough and was, in fact, the first Mexican I had ever met who didn’t speak Spanish. We talked politics during dinner because we found that we shared similar viewpoints, until it came to McCain. Once he brought up the subject of McCain it was made clear that to do anything but pay reverent homage to the dead hero would be highly offensive to this man. And so there I found myself, in the company of a Conservative, but being expected to (forced to, for politeness sake) comply with tribal rules now imposed on me mid-bite.

It immediately struck me that this is NOT what conservative values are all about. In fact conservatism defends to the death your right to speak your opinion even if we don’t agree with what you say.

This past weekend’s brutal beating, harrassment and theft of valuable electronic equipment by organized Antifa hoodlums against an independent journalist in Portland, Oregon shows to what lengths Radical Leftists are willing to go to extinguish a person’s right to express their individual, independently held viewpoints. The incident involving Andy Ngo, the independent journalist in Portland, Oregon attempting to cover a demonstration and ending up in a hospital emergency room, is a case not just of press freedom violations but violations of First Amendment rights of free speech and the right to think freely.

Dr. Gina wrote recently on her Twitter page that this upcoming 2020 election is pivotal and that it requires, “All hands on deck!” I couldn’t agree more as we are seeing that our way of life, the United States of America, hangs in the balance.

Many conservatives are asking themselves today if we will even be allowed to own a telephone after the 2020 elections? That is, if we lose to this Radical Left. If you aren’t asking yourselves that, you should be. Silencing conservative thoughts and opinions, and really anything that doesn’t toe the Leftist line, will be criminalized (if the true conservatives lose). Just you watch.

Take a look at the recent Op-Ed penned in the WashPost in May by the woman who co-owns the Lexington, Virginia restaurant where Eric Trump and Sarah Huckabee Sanders went to have a meal one evening. One of the servers there spit — actually physically spit on Eric, her customer, unprovoked — as a form of disagreeing with and protesting what she thinks, as a tribalized denizen, he stands for. And the co-owner of the Red Hen restaurant, Stephanie Wilkinson, actually defends the action, spitting, as a justifiable way to disagree with someone.

If we lose our human-to-human civility, what do we have left?

We certainly will no longer have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as our heritage and our future.

A final thought for the the likes of Kaepernick and Rapinoe and all those who share their sentiments: Until you yourselves have shed the blood and lost the limbs defending your very right to speak freely, throw unconscionable temper tantrums on sports fields and shred our flag, our symbol of the Executive Office of the federal government and our structures of authority in public without repercussions, I suggest you go and do community service in countries where they really have no freedom. Spend a few years in Venezuela or in Somalia or in Syria volunteering for the Peace Corps. Take a real stance for freedom. Like our veterans have done.

Because truly you stand on the shoulders of torn limbs and spilled blood. It was a Democrat who said it best when he beseeched Americans, Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.

These are words to live by. At least in what still remains of the United States of America.

Paige Donner is descended from two of the Mayflower Pilgrims who landed on Plymouth Rock in 1620.