Dear A.G. Barr, Who’s Funding The Riots? It’s Simple…It’s You And Me And She And He

Hallelujah! Fifty of our Congresspersons have stood up and (finally) taken some action in regards to the shameless rioting and looting that has erupted across our Nation these past months.

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They did the brave and bold thing of sending A.G. Barr a letter. A letter demanding that our Attorney General and his DOJ investigate the ‘large-scale funding and organizing’ of the rioters and riots that are ‘gripping our nation.’

“We write to share our deep concerns regarding the ongoing violence that has gripped American cities and threatened the rule of law across our nation,” states the Sept. 10th letter written by Rep. Ken Buck, R-CO and signed by 50 of his House colleagues.

But the answer as to the origins of the funding is right there. It has been in front of (y)our noses the whole time.

An Open Letter To AG Barr On Who’s Funding The Rioters…

Dear Attorney General William Barr,

If I may be so bold as to offer assistance to your investigation into who is funding these riots and rioters that have swept across our nation in recent months…?

The irony of today being Sept. 11th is not lost on this moment. Nineteen years ago our nation watched as a foreign enemy ransacked NYC, causing death and destruction to thousands. Today, we have only to turn on the nightly news to see similar destruction being waged by Americans against Americans in cities across North to South, East to West of the U.S. of A. Decidedly, the devil must be quite amused by this spectacle. Why go in and destroy, when you can just turn them against one another and watch as they destroy themselves…?

But the answer to this riddle of riots is very simple. The funding is provided by you and me and she and he.

Ok. Sure. I‘ll explain.

Have you ever heard of Hawala? Hawala is the informal person-to-person ‘banking’ system widely practiced by Islamic, Indian and Chinese cultures. The word is an Arabic word. The use is widespread in countries like Somalia and across the Middle East, India and Pakistan. The Treasury describes it thus: ‘…hawala works through connections. These connections allow for the establishment of a network for conducting the hawala transactions.’ In the FULL PDF HERE from they explain how Hawala is a useful tool for money laundering. It also circumvents all traceability and any written transactional records.

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It’s simple. It works like this: Mr. X on the West Coast wants to give Mr. Z in Chicago $100. But they don’t want to use a bank, CashAPP or anything that is traceable. So they rely on Hawala ‘banking’ customs. So Mr. X calls his local Hawala connection, Ms. B, and explains that he needs to get $100 to Mr. Z in Chicago. Ms. B calls up her Hawala connection, Mr. A, in Chicago and tells him to get $100 to Mr. Z by tomorrow. This directive is carried out. The transaction record is kept between Ms. B and Mr. A without necessarily including names or any reference to Mr. X or Mr. Z.

You get it? The Chinese call this ‘flying money.’

It worked very, very well leading up to the 2008 presidential election. In fact, this is what helped get certain presidential candidates positioned for election pre-Citizens United vs. FEC times, when there were still limits on campaign contributions.

I know you are on the trail and I celebrate to see it. Your recent investigations into the Khawaja/Allied Wallet conduit campaign contributions are heartening. Though why it has taken someone in our DOJ, FBI and Secret Service divisions over 13 years to publicly acknowledge these types of transactional shenanigans is beyond me.

Earlier today (Dec 3rd, 2019) , an indictment was unsealed against the CEO of an online payment processing company, and seven others, charging them with conspiring to make and conceal conduit and excessive campaign contributions, and related offenses, during the U.S. presidential election in 2016 and thereafter.

Assistant Attorney General Brian A. Benczkowski of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division and Assistant Director in Charge Timothy R. Slater of the FBI’s Washington Field Office made the announcement. — Source,

Back in 2007 when these Hawala-inspired financial underground railroads started crisscrossing our nation and our political system, it was, perhaps, harder to tell where the funds were coming from. Repatriated black-ops money originating from the pallets and jet planes of cash being flown over to Iraq? And then funneled through the drug corridor of Afghanistan and Nigeria? Or perhaps it was this flying cash from China? Or perhaps it was in part the $100 Million that went missing from American Small Business Owners’ bank accounts due to unauthorized ACH transfers as the FBI very belatedly acknowledged on their homepage late 2009, well after the ’08 elections and the damage had been done? Or perhaps it was embedded insiders at Big Tech who knew only too well how to game the system? Whatever the origins, there was a lot of it changing hands — and filling up political war chests — back in ’07 and ’08. Like I said, enough to catapult unknown politicians into the highest of offices.

You’d think with that much entrenchment these channels, this underground financial railroad that has infested our country with miscreants-for-hire like termites infesting a rickety, rundown 250 year old mansion, would have been detected, if not wholly exposed? That it has not been only indicates how deeply and pervasively the rot permeated.

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But the answer to where the money is coming from today to fund all this rioting and destruction? Well, that’s easy. For starters there is the $670B in Paycheck Protection Program loans. Hundreds of millions of that money has gone to Chinese-owned companies. (By the way, I am an American small business owner and I was pre-approved and then later denied a $6K EIDL loan. Just sayin’…).

Once you acknowledge that this Hawala system of hand-to-hand money transfers exists, it sort of doesn’t really matter where it comes from. Because ultimately it comes from you and me and she and he.

Doesn’t it?

The main point here is that the means is acknowledged. The methods will change over the course of time. Like a Hydra, new ways of stealing with the left hand and re-allocating with the right will continuously pop up. Back in ’07 — ’09 I can, with certainty, state that the preferred method was unauthorized ACH transfers from unsuspecting account holders. Today, there are undoubtedly myriad new methods that have been coined for these ‘re-allocation’ of funds that, now, are being used to burn down, vandalize and destroy our cities. But the big takeaway is the means, the untraceable Hawala-style transfer of funds, whether those funds originate from NY, LA, Zagreb or Shanghai or…Congress’ stimulus funds.

If you are truly interested in doing your jobs and getting to the bottom of all this, Congressmen, Congresswomen, A.G. Barr and the DOJ, you will have a look at Case #LA058151 of the Superior Court of The State of California for the County of Los Angeles, Van Nuys Courthouse, July 2008. The court’s trial transcript offers a blueprint as to how personal accounts were hijacked via unauthorized ACH transfers and non-profit institutions used with the help of Big Tech embedded agitators to facilitate these kinds of ‘donations’ and Hawala transactions. Mules, once duped into complicity, could be made to do these ACH transfers using another’s bank account to seed an online account, then receive illicit funds from ‘non-profit’ orgs, forward those funds to ‘co-conspirators’ and then walk away scott free, under the protection of big tech, politicians and dirty cops on the inside. And then turn around and blame the victims, the people they had taken the money from.

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Another useful case to refer to is the Western Beaver County School District and their loss in 2009 of $704K also due to unauthorized ACH Transfers. (By the way, the reporting of that incident was predicated upon the above mentioned LA Superior Court case where it was established, for the first time in our nation’s history, in court by a banking official under oath, that to carry out an ACH transfer neither signature, pin number nor even authorization is required by the account holder who is ‘releasing’ the funds. That said, the banks and banking establishment were historically reluctant to ever make reparations for their faulty system of ACH transfers.)

Well, anyway, hopefully this trail of crumbs has made some sense to you, A.G. Barr. You do have a lot on your plate and you definitely have your work cut out for you in these times.

It can’t be easy, either, with so many of them still on the inside greasing the wheels of corruption. And likely fighting you every step of the way, if only to save their own backsides from being revealed for who and what they are — corrupt officials and people on the take, mercenaries for hire.

I’m available by phone or email should you have any questions or need for points to be clarified or elaborated upon.

As for the Congressmen and Congresswomen who took the big, bold step of writing you a letter… Do you think any of them might be available to rebuild, repaint and restore our nation any time soon? Or are they too busy looking the other way while our beloved America is criss-crossed by clandestine grids of mayhem and reduced to ashes?


Paige Donner

Co-Signers of the 9/10/2020 Letter from Rep. Buck to AG Barr

Cosigners include: Reps. Biggs, Babin, Budd, Collins, Gibbs, Duncan, King, Perry, Steube, Roy, Palmer, Posey, Abraham, Davis, Gaetz, Brooks, Lesko, LaMalfa, Wright, Meuser, Norman, Loudermilk, Riggleman, Davidson, Yoho, Kelly, Hice, DesJarlais, Tiffany, Spano, Harris, Gosar, Weber, Gooden, Rouzer, Fulcher, Hern, Jason Smith, Reschenthaler, Adrian Smith, Banks, Arrington, Grothman, Walker, Murphy, Joyce, Guest, Cloud,and Sensenbrenner.


Paige Donner wrote a regular column for The Huffington Post from 2007–2009. She has written for the L.A. Times, N.Y. Times, USA Today (2013–2020) and currently contributes to . Today, she is an entrepreneur.