Key takeaways from the #AmistadProject presser December 16th…

On Wednesday this week, Phill Kline, former AG of Kansas and Law Professor at Liberty University, and his colleague, J.R. Carlson, IT Expert, presented (alleged) ominous, chilling facts in their ‘Follow the Money’ report produced by their Amistad Project. The Thomas More Society’s The Amistad Project, exposes the ‘dark money apparatus of 10 nonprofit organizations funded by five foundations whose intent was to fundamentally undermine the electoral system.’ @PhillDKline

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In my attempt to summarize a two hour, highly informative and detailed presser outlining how Zuckerberg-Chan’s/Facebook’s $500 MILLION allegedly funded ‘charity’ (wink-wink) Center…

Have you listened to Mother Miriam’s latest podcast? In it, she reads aloud and then discusses Archbishop Vigano’s letter in support of President Trump and against the ‘Great Reset’, issued just days before the election.

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Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has also now spoken out since the election questioning the accuracy of calling Biden a practicing Catholic. Mother Miriam confronts this issue head-on in the Q&A portion of her podcast, stating unequivocally that the Catholic faith does not endorse nor condone abortion. Mother Miriam further discusses the foretelling of a ‘Great Illumination’ which will occur before year’s end. Vigano also references…

If you think our justice system is broken now, just wait and see what will happen if/when the whole of America is run by one political party. ‘Elections have consequences,’ is a truthism many people have come to understand in recent years.

Take California for example. As a child growing up in California, I knew the state as the Golden State. It offered the dream of the good life, not just for immigrants seeking the American Dream but also for generations-deep Americans seeking sunshine and opportunity for themselves, their kids and grandkids. In the past half-century since my Santa Barbara…

Hallelujah! Fifty of our Congresspersons have stood up and (finally) taken some action in regards to the shameless rioting and looting that has erupted across our Nation these past months.

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They did the brave and bold thing of sending A.G. Barr a letter. A letter demanding that our Attorney General and his DOJ investigate the ‘large-scale funding and organizing’ of the rioters and riots that are ‘gripping our nation.’

“We write to share our deep concerns regarding the ongoing violence that has gripped American cities and threatened the rule of law across our nation,” states the Sept. 10th letter written…

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In a conversation with a friend of mine the other day, calling from San Francisco, she commented to me that she was ‘sickened’ and qualified that statement by saying ‘and I don’t use that word lightly’ by the ‘rude, incivility’ people are showing each other here these days. It has been years since I last lived in the United States, but from the media diatribes, news reports and just general interactions I observe among people in big U.S cities. these days, her sad comments do not come as a surprise to me.

The timing, though, is curious.

This week saw…

Disruptive innovators aren’t usually welcomed with open arms. In fact, most disruptive innovation is met with solid resistance. Take Airbnb for instance. When they first proposed their business model where they owned nothing but a website and the rights to payment processing for renting out other people’s dwellings, investors scoffed at them at first.

But 13 years later, they are embedded in our cultural and entrepreneurial vernacular. Not only that, but they succeeded in upending the global hospitality industry. All this without ever going to hotel management school or earning any type of hospitality management degree. …

by Paige Donner

Planting trees to curb carbon emission isn’t something that President Trump dreamed up off the top of his head during his recent State of The Union address in DC. In fact, it is a crusade that Wangari Maathai won a Nobel Peace Prize for in 2004. As part of her crusade she marshaled an initiative to plant 30 million trees in Africa, and not just in her native Kenya, either.

That was before the popular culture climbed on board with this whole climate change issue and its congruent need to reduce carbon emissions. …

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Today, November 13th, marks the day the Capitol Hill public ‘hearings’ begin conducted by the House Democrats seeking to impeach our 45th President. Today also marks the 4th anniversary of the Paris Attacks, a coincidence that seems eerily to have some synchronicity to it. Both represent a hijacking of civility and (a form of) violence against a democratic, law abiding citizenry.

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Make America Cool Again. This is Michelle’s (Mrs. Obama’s) campaign slogan when she steps into the 2020 race in the not too distant future. At least, that is my independent, wholly UNpaid for prediction.

Are we in it to win it?

Following last week’s 7-hour CNN Climate Change media blitz during which nearly all the Democratic presidential-hopeful contenders seized the pulpit to claim their adherence to the accepted ideology of climate change, the conservative media had a field day bashing it.

But is that really such a smart thing to do?

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The issue of Climate Change has become elevated to a quasi-secular religion among many of the younger electorate, as well as many on the international stage, especially Western Europeans.

From Time Magazine:

Nearly seven in 10 Americans understand that climate change is happening, according to an April survey from Yale…

Paige Donner

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